Moving to new data platform

Claz is moving to the new data platform – for faster searches and to support our growing database…

If the plan goes right, the move will be completed on Friday night and shall not impact Claz users.

If you occasionally reach this page trying to run your favorite Claz search – please drop me a message at support@claz.org and I’ll look into it

Original Photo by magnusfranklin  under CC2.0 License


Cleaning up trash posts

During the past several days I’ve received numerous complaints from the users regarding the decreasing quality of classified ads :

  • some ads are tripping their antivirus alerts
  • other ads are showing “forbidden” error page when opened
  • others ads are redirecting to “signup” forms, auctions, or some other content that does not match the title /description of the ad

It took awhile to come up with a mechanism to filter these “trash ads” from search results.

I’ve set up the first portion of filtering mechanism tonight. As the result, almost 2 million out of about 10mln search results have been removed.  I will keep working on filtering and will put a couple more improvements in place within the next several days.

Meanwhile, please help cleaning up “trash posts” by reporting them to claz.org@gmail.com

New Features

Added RSS Feeds for eBayClassifieds.com (former Kijiji.com)

Added pilot RSS feeds for  eBayClassifieds (former Kijiji)

The majority of ads on eBayClassifieds are posted by private sellers (!), have clear description, pictures  and appear to be spam-free. I wonder if their ads are also pre-screened to filter out questionable posts  /:-|


RSS have been created for Cars & Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, RVs and Car Parts for Major US cities. Enjoy.

Now working on creating RSS feeds to the remaining US regions and other categories..


Craiglook Shutdown = Claz.org

Dear Craiglook.com users,  http://craiglook.com has been renamed by demand from Craigslist.org.    I have also removed all RSS feeds to Craigslist and links to Craigslist content.

The RSS search engine has now moved to to http://claz.org

As one of about 1 mln  frustrated and disappointed Craigslist/Craiglook users I couldn’t make sense of this decision,  since as many have pointed out, craiglook was complimenting craigslist with features and was driving people back to Craigslist. Claz.org provides same search features as Craiglook,  alas it does not search Craiglist.org anymore.

I want to say thank you to all Craiglook users for keeping the site running with your suggestions and bright ideas.   Please support us by sharing ideas and providing feedback how we can make it better.

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What is Craiglook

Craiglook.com is a useful RSS mashup for Craigslist. Here are some features that help craiglook to make big difference when it comes to searching/browsing craigslist

1. Search radius
Say, I'm an average Joe looking for a car. With craigslist, I go to "newjersey.craigslist.org", then "southjersey.craigslist.org" then "centraljersey.craigslist.org", then to "newyork.craigslist.org", then to "philadelphia.craigslist.org" and to 10 other adjacent craigslist locations to find what I need.
With Craiglook.com all I have to do is to set my location (e.g. Pennsauken, NJ) and define what's my preferred range is, (0, 10, 50, 200 miles or even nationwide) and press the "search" button (yes, I don't mind traveling even 100 miles to get a great car deal).

2. No spam
Craiglook cuts through crappy postings and spam in realtime, keeping only posts which are more likely to be local results (who cares about "nationwide blowout car sales" if I'm looking to deal locally ?)

3. Usability
Picture Previews, brief description, phone number and poster's email – Do I have to explain why it's all a must for a decent classfieds website ?