New Features

Using AI and Machine Learning to Improve User Safety


Heads up: we’re building a Machine Learning system to fight scam artists.

In the past, we’ve relied on our community and moderators to categorize listings and report suspicious ads. We’ve made great progress by automating most of this work with a flexible rules engine. Today, we’re feeding years of training data into an experimental distributed Machine Learning System to help us scale this process to the next level.

We’ll be posting updates on the progress and some stats as more data becomes available.


Automatic submission of listings to

As a small business owner, you can now automate submission of listings to via the drop box on our Partners page. Claz will scan data feeds for new, updated or removed listings and will import them automatically or will let you know if there’s a problem.

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Please feel free to reach us @ if you’re having issues with your data feeds


Server Crash & Recovery

One of our web server’s disks went bad earlier today and deleted some of the files, causing search results page to not show up properly. Website has been restored from backup and seems to be working fine now.

We’re checking the user data and the databases to make sure everything else is OK… Looking good so far..

Thanks to Mr. Wade Preston for letting us know about the issue.