New Features

Using AI and Machine Learning to Improve User Safety


Heads up: we’re building a Machine Learning system to fight scam artists.

In the past, we’ve relied on our community and moderators to categorize listings and report suspicious ads. We’ve made great progress by automating most of this work with a flexible rules engine. Today, we’re feeding years of training data into an experimental distributed Machine Learning System to help us scale this process to the next level.

We’ll be posting updates on the progress and some stats as more data becomes available.


Automatic submission of listings to

As a small business owner, you can now automate submission of listings to via the drop box on our Partners page. Claz will scan data feeds for new, updated or removed listings and will import them automatically or will let you know if there’s a problem.

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Please feel free to reach us @ if you’re having issues with your data feeds


Server Crash & Recovery

One of our web server’s disks went bad earlier today and deleted some of the files, causing search results page to not show up properly. Website has been restored from backup and seems to be working fine now.

We’re checking the user data and the databases to make sure everything else is OK… Looking good so far..

Thanks to Mr. Wade Preston for letting us know about the issue.

Uncategorized is finally out of Beta !

Hooray, is  finally out of beta after 10 months of development and testing.

 While in our beta, we’ve implemented and tested numberous updates to our engine, focusing primarily on ease-of-use and making search more effective:

  • We’ve added more than 200 classifieds websites, forums and message boards to our search database, which now stores over 16 million classified ads
  • Better ad previews – with bigger thumbnails and brief ad description
  • Search filters – search by keyword, category, price and location, nationwide or within up to 250 miles radius
  • Saved Searches and Email alerts – users are notified when new ads matching their criteria are posted
  • Scam/Spam filtering – we’ve integrated with automated malware / spam filtering engines and added community moderation – to keep our users safe.
  • Filters for duplicates – duplicate content posted in multiple cities or on mulptiple different sources is now filtered

In addition to optimized search/browse functionality, we’ve added our own ad posting service with a number of features that we believe will help our users’ listings to get more visitors:

  • Automatic listing quality indicator (quality listings will attract more visitors)
  • Auto-suggest categories – for better targetting
  • Auto-suggest images for listings without photos (independent research shown that visitors are 90% more likely to click on listings with photos)
  • Users’ email addresses are hiddent from spam bots, replies to users’ listings are filtered using our spam / scam filter
  • Filter replies to user’s listings using our spam / scam filter
  • Syndicate your listings to multiple websites (still in closed beta, coming soon)

Our work pipeline is still full of fresh ideas. A lineup of new features is expected over the course of a couple of months – all to save our users time and eliminate the need to search across multiple classifieds sites.


Better Spam/Scam protection with SpamHaus and Project HoneyPot

It’s been tough 3 weeks since some major spammers / scammers targeted Classifieds for their attacks. Well… not anymore.

We’re happy to announce that Claz is now integrated with SpamHaus Project and Project HoneyPot – the two major platforms for fending off spam and scam threats.

The new scam / spam filter was set to improve the safety of our users and the quality of content. The initial results are astonishing – after running the proof-of-concept solution for 24 hours we had 100% of scam ads and spam messages trapped in our junk mail, Good Job !


Please send an email to if you notice any issues with the new scam fiter…