New Features

May Update: New Look

April and May have been busy months for us. We’ve just finished rolling out our latest updates and we hope you’ll like them.

New look. We’ve changed the main theme to be concise and uniform across all pages. We rolled it out as an experiment for a small fraction of users in mid-March, analyzed site usage data and rolled out a global update for all users later in April. The new theme uses colors consistently across pages and makes it easier for users to access most used features of the site – search, “my listings” and user account pages.

new look desktop2

Scrollable tabs. We’ve made category tabs scrollable to allow us adding new categories and subcategories of listings in the future.

scroll tabs

Better Analytics. Users can now see detailed daily, monthly and historical stats for their ads – to help understand which of their listings work and attract more attention.

User-friendly listing status messages. We’ve added detailed explanation of the listing’s current status – whether it’s visible to other users and what is the status of the community review.




Please let us know what you think about these changes. We will continue to work and find new ways to make our service better for you.

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