New Features

February update: small things matter

We’ve spent most of February working on small incremental changes to make our service better and improve user experience.

Email Delivery: we’re now paying much more attention to the way our system forwards email responses and alerts to our users – to decrease the likelyhood of user messages being marked as SPAM. We’ve also revamped our Monthly Analytics Report to make it more informative and expressive and useful.


User Interface: We ran a series of A/B experiments to find out which elements of user interface are more usable and did a number of small tweaks. For example, we placed the Post Ad button at the top of the screen for mobile users to make creating new listings easier.


Also we’ve started showing extra links on the listing details page to help users find similar listings.


Social Networks: We’ve temporarily suspended featuring user listings on Facebook – to work out a way to reduce the chance of accidentally featuring SPAM/SCAM ads.

Bugs: We’ve fixed a problem with some users being unable to sign in because of special characters in their email address.


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