Cleaning up trash posts

During the past several days I’ve received numerous complaints from the users regarding the decreasing quality of classified ads :

  • some ads are tripping their antivirus alerts
  • other ads are showing “forbidden” error page when opened
  • others ads are redirecting to “signup” forms, auctions, or some other content that does not match the title /description of the ad

It took awhile to come up with a mechanism to filter these “trash ads” from search results.

I’ve set up the first portion of filtering mechanism tonight. As the result, almost 2 million out of about 10mln search results have been removed.  I will keep working on filtering and will put a couple more improvements in place within the next several days.

Meanwhile, please help cleaning up “trash posts” by reporting them to claz.org@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “Cleaning up trash posts

  1. I think the quality of classifieds here has gone down substantially. I used to swear by Craiglook. Now I am resigned to shitty SearchTempest.com. I can’t trust claz.org because so many of these ads are pulled when I click-through, or it trips up my browser with an antivirus alert. When are we getting the real thing back? Count your hits, I’m sure they are decreasing.

  2. I sure loved using craiglook too but this new thing doesn’t even hold a candle to what it used to be. Not sure what the whole problem with craiglook was, but would like to see it back working again!!

  3. I read the earlier statement about your problems with Craigslist, but I do not understand why the classified adds are so limited now as oppossed to what was coming up before this mess began. When I used the 250 radius search before, I would get a lot more hits than I do now. Something must be limiting the search field. Thanks for an explaination or a reference where I can read about what’s going on at present.

    1. Challenger,

      It takes time to go site by site, city by city, category by category and map them to locations / categories in Craiglook/Claz. Feeds are added daily but it will take weeks from now to get to the same number of results as it was before.

      If you know a decent local or niche classifieds site (e.g. http://riverbender.com/classifieds/index.cfm?redir=listings&srchby=b&cat=42&scat=0) – please send to claz.org@gmail.com and I’ll add it to Claz Search

      Also, keep in mind that junk / spam filtering now removes about 10% of all incoming feeds. Please report junk content to claz.org@gmail.com and I’ll update filters to remove it as well.

      1. Wow!, that sounds like a tremendous job. So, as I understand it because the name Craigslook could no longer be used, all the links to that site have to now be redone (mapped) to Claz. Is there no way to write a program that could perform the change? In any event, I love your idea of doing area searches. The Craigslist approach is soooo cumbersome, jumping in and out of individual locations to search for an item. Good luck, God’s speed, and I anxiously await the final product.

  4. I used to catch alot of extra side jobs with labor gigs are they gone? No free stuff no extra side jobs. Guess all good things come to an end huh sorry bout that.

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