Craiglook Shutdown =

Dear users, has been renamed by demand from    I have also removed all RSS feeds to Craigslist and links to Craigslist content.

The RSS search engine has now moved to to

As one of about 1 mln  frustrated and disappointed Craigslist/Craiglook users I couldn’t make sense of this decision,  since as many have pointed out, craiglook was complimenting craigslist with features and was driving people back to Craigslist. provides same search features as Craiglook,  alas it does not search anymore.

I want to say thank you to all Craiglook users for keeping the site running with your suggestions and bright ideas.   Please support us by sharing ideas and providing feedback how we can make it better.


Craiglook 1.07 is out

With several cool features:

  1. “Show Details…” button shows additional info on items without leaving search results page
  2. Expired postings are no longer shown on the results page
  3. “City” and “Category” links on search results page are now clickable
  4. “Current Search” block now displays current search parameters
Craiglook 1.07 - Picture Previews
Craiglook 1.07 - Picture Previews

Craiglook 1.03 is released

Available at

New cool features :

  • price and picture filters,
  • “Neighborhood search” – see results in nearby cities by IP address,
  • better bookmarking – can now bookmark individual posts,
  • Skype integration,
  • “forward” – you can now send bookmarks to your friends or to your mailbox,
  • “reply to poster” – no longer blocked by mail filters,
  • 2x more results per page,
  • new visual theme,
  • announcements and blogs sections 1.02 - Home Page 1.03 - Home Page
Craiglook 1.02 - search results
Craiglook 1.03 - search page

Craiglook 1.03 is coming…

With many new features including

  • better “Global Search” with price and picture filters
  • “Neighborhood search” – displays nearby postings by IP address
  • better “reply to poster” – to prevent mail filters from blocking emails
  • better bookmarking – can now bookmark individual Ads
  • Skype integration
  • 2x more results per page
  • new visual theme
  • announcements and blogs sections 1.02 - Home Page 1.02 - Home Page
Craiglook 1.02 - search results
Craiglook 1.02 - Search Results

Craiglook is a Web 2.0 Craigslist Search Mashup which combines Craigslist with Google Maps and Yahoo Pipes to help you search and Navigate Craigslist faster.

In addition to the Global Search, it may restrict listings to the area you specify. You can enter your city or a zip code and then specify a mile radius using a horizontal slider on the site. Then you could choose the categories or search for the product or the service and turn on/off picture previews.