Craiglook Shutdown =

Dear users, has been renamed by demand from    I have also removed all RSS feeds to Craigslist and links to Craigslist content.

The RSS search engine has now moved to to

As one of about 1 mln  frustrated and disappointed Craigslist/Craiglook users I couldn’t make sense of this decision,  since as many have pointed out, craiglook was complimenting craigslist with features and was driving people back to Craigslist. provides same search features as Craiglook,  alas it does not search anymore.

I want to say thank you to all Craiglook users for keeping the site running with your suggestions and bright ideas.   Please support us by sharing ideas and providing feedback how we can make it better.

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What is Craiglook is a useful RSS mashup for Craigslist. Here are some features that help craiglook to make big difference when it comes to searching/browsing craigslist

1. Search radius
Say, I'm an average Joe looking for a car. With craigslist, I go to "", then "" then "", then to "", then to "" and to 10 other adjacent craigslist locations to find what I need.
With all I have to do is to set my location (e.g. Pennsauken, NJ) and define what's my preferred range is, (0, 10, 50, 200 miles or even nationwide) and press the "search" button (yes, I don't mind traveling even 100 miles to get a great car deal).

2. No spam
Craiglook cuts through crappy postings and spam in realtime, keeping only posts which are more likely to be local results (who cares about "nationwide blowout car sales" if I'm looking to deal locally ?)

3. Usability
Picture Previews, brief description, phone number and poster's email – Do I have to explain why it's all a must for a decent classfieds website ?


Craiglook 1.07 is out

With several cool features:

  1. “Show Details…” button shows additional info on items without leaving search results page
  2. Expired postings are no longer shown on the results page
  3. “City” and “Category” links on search results page are now clickable
  4. “Current Search” block now displays current search parameters
Craiglook 1.07 - Picture Previews
Craiglook 1.07 - Picture Previews

Craiglook 1.06 is out

New version of Craigslist Search engine is out for beta testing

What’s new

  1. Added “sort by date” and “sort by price”
  2. Craiglook now shows number of results matching your search in other nearby cities and other categories
  3. Users can now mark their searches to not display in “Recent Searches” list
  4. “Additional Options” are now remembered and set automatically on next login.
Craiglook 1.06 is out !
Craiglook 1.06 is out !
  1. Fixed Pipes for New York, DC and many other areas which were showing irrelevant results (thanks to Craigslist readers !)
  2. Removed annoying “Add this” popups. Users now have to click the link to bookmark/save results.
  3. More relevant search (e.g. searching for “box” now brings “boxes” etc…)
  4. Added fancy error pages (instead of standard Apache error pages)
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Top 10 Car Dealer Tricks to Watch For

Not all car dealers are unscrupulous, and not all are going to take you to the cleaners. Among all the “Honest Bobs” out there walking the lots, many really are trustworthy. But there is a simple reason so many people dread buying a new car: the potential for rip-off is astronomical, and common practices over the years have often justified consumers’ fears. If you catch a whiff of any of the scams below, be on alert.

Check out this article


How to: Find giveaways and Free Stuff next door

There’s nothing better than free stuff, and when it comes to free stuff, there’s nothing better than the stuff you can grab by just walking out of your house.

Here I will give you a few tips on how to search for giveaways in your neighborhood – the ones for which you don’t have to drive 50 miles, the ones that are easy to secure and pick up.

  1. First of all, go to .   It’s a Craigslist Search site that helps you narrow results to your neighborhood only

    Craiglook - Free stuff
    Step 2: go to "Free Stuff" category
  2. Go to “Free Stuff” category
  3. Refine Your Search by specifying the exact location and search radius

    Step 3: Refine your search
    Step 3: Refine your search
  4. Reply to posting by clicking on “Reply” button or on the small “Phone” icon next to the posting.
    Remember to ask if the item is in working condition before you even move to the next step.

    Step 4: reply to posting
    Step 4: Reply to posting
  5. Arrange the pick up. Act fast and you’ll be able to secure the deal before anyone else finds it.

    Step 5: Arrange Pick up
    Step 5: Arrange a Pick up 😉

Here’s some more tips that will help you to save time and avoid trouble:

  1. Did I mentioned “Act Fast” ? I mean it. Hot deals go really fast
  2. Don’t waste your time if the item is not what you’re really wanted. Decline politely
  3. Arrange for a pickup of the free item(s) in a public place. If you must meet at someone’s house, always go during the daytime
  4. Take a friend with you to a pickup location. Not only will this ensure your safety, but it may also be necessary if you are moving large objects
  5. Because one person’s junk is another’s treasure, keeping expectations low is a great way to approach these free transactions
  6. Do not provide owners with your personal information, other that your first name and phone number or email address. There is no need to give your physical address or place of employment
  7. Avoid scams by researching common fraud techniques (see previous post)

Good luck and happy hunting !


Craiglook 1.03 is released

Available at

New cool features :

  • price and picture filters,
  • “Neighborhood search” – see results in nearby cities by IP address,
  • better bookmarking – can now bookmark individual posts,
  • Skype integration,
  • “forward” – you can now send bookmarks to your friends or to your mailbox,
  • “reply to poster” – no longer blocked by mail filters,
  • 2x more results per page,
  • new visual theme,
  • announcements and blogs sections 1.02 - Home Page 1.03 - Home Page
Craiglook 1.02 - search results
Craiglook 1.03 - search page