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Added RSS Feeds for (former

Added pilot RSS feeds for  eBayClassifieds (former Kijiji)

The majority of ads on eBayClassifieds are posted by private sellers (!), have clear description, pictures  and appear to be spam-free. I wonder if their ads are also pre-screened to filter out questionable posts  /:-|


RSS have been created for Cars & Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, RVs and Car Parts for Major US cities. Enjoy.

Now working on creating RSS feeds to the remaining US regions and other categories..

One thought on “Added RSS Feeds for (former

  1. Maybe you should take up donations for legal fee’s to keep craiglook going. Criagslist postings are public info, no one can stop you from reposting public information. Maybe you just got PAID OFF, like everyone else. Ebay is what shut down craiglook. not craigslist. Ebays money that owns 25% of criagslist is what shut craiglook down. I would have never complied.

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