Craiglook Shutdown =

Dear users, has been renamed by demand from    I have also removed all RSS feeds to Craigslist and links to Craigslist content.

The RSS search engine has now moved to to

As one of about 1 mln  frustrated and disappointed Craigslist/Craiglook users I couldn’t make sense of this decision,  since as many have pointed out, craiglook was complimenting craigslist with features and was driving people back to Craigslist. provides same search features as Craiglook,  alas it does not search anymore.

I want to say thank you to all Craiglook users for keeping the site running with your suggestions and bright ideas.   Please support us by sharing ideas and providing feedback how we can make it better.

74 thoughts on “Craiglook Shutdown =

  1. Craiglook had a seperate section under autos for bicycles. claz. lumps bikes with sporting goods and has only a fraction of the number of postings. Can you get the bike section back?

  2. Hey why don’t you share the code that you used to create this wonderful site and I’ll put it back together and host it in the Netherlands where the dudes at Craigslist can kiss off if they don’t like it 🙂

  3. I really liked the functionality of, never since I saw it mentioned in a PC magazine under 25 websites you need to know about, I found it to be sooo useful, compared to the normal CL search function. I hope this decision is overturned sometime, I found to be very very useful to my searching abilities, and I purchased 2 cars from, using craiglooks’ search function.

  4. Craig Newmark is a nerdy little liberal troll from San Francisco that seems to value control more than even the expansion of his own business. He needs to get a clue!

  5. Well, that really stinks. I live in a tri-state area and it’s a pain having to search three states on Craigslist! 😦 Craiglook was one of the best things I’d ever seen.

  6. This really sucks. I’m hopeful that someone figures out a way to get a universal search of Craigslist working soon, although the Craiglook option will be hard to beat! If that guy “Craig” is that irresponsible, he doesn’t deserve our business.

  7. It’s so true: all good things must come to an end. I hope that braintrust at craigslist that made this decision suffers accordingly.

  8. Why wouldn’t they purchase your work to make craigslist great?
    Hypocrites or morons, it’s hard to tell, probably both.

  9. Tempest uses craigslist to search as well. Why havent they been shut down? Unfair. Just because craiglook was better than craigslist doesnt mean they had to be buttholes and have an issue with it. Man up craigslist. At least craiglook was not advertising hookers like your getting sued for.

  10. Going back to craigslist’s search after using Craiglook for so long is like going back to dial-up internet!

    My personal craigslist traffic has dropped 100% since the shut down of Craiglook. In other words, I was searching and/or finding on craigslist every day via, but I cannot go back to the archaic, limited, time-consuming search of

    Shame on craigslist! Have they no comment?!?!

  11. I bought my computer, motorcycle and several smaller items by using Craigslook due to craigslist horrid search system. When Craigslist comes to their senses and lets you redo the site back to it’s original setup, please let me know

  12. I am frustrated that craiglook was shut down also. Could it be that ebay owns 25% of craigslist and that more people were turning to the synergy that craiglook and craigslist had when paired up? I for one am getting fed up with the fees charged on ebay and the required use of Paypal and its fees. Craiglook made craiglist user friendly. I will be waiting for somebody more internet savvy than I to come up with a replacement for Craigslist. I will not use Craigslist services anymore because of this.

  13. I used craigslist for all local stuff and then craiglook for stuff I couln’t fine locally.We must find a way to get it back, it was super.

  14. I really liked craiglook i have bought 5 cars in the past 9 months using it to find differnt cars i was looking for and with craiglook i could search all the craigslist to find them and with out craiglook i would have never found what i was looking for so please put it back togather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Just when I was looking every day to buy a boat. Now I don’t even know where to start. I can’t go back to craigslist. Thanks craiglook for possibly the best website to ever be shut down.

  16. Craigslist is gumming up their own works. Ex: I wanted a mangle (hard to find ironing machine) and looked in my area Craigslist and surrounding areas for over a year. Found Craiglook and found one that afternoon in New Jersey. Drove up and got it. This cease and desist stuff seems to go against the spirit of Craigslist. I’m bummed.

  17. I think it sucks! Craigslist is so limited. You have to search by city and this site gave you over a 200 mile area. That’s the man reason I stopped going to craigslist, it takes tooooo long to find anything on their site!!!!!!!!

  18. I’m trying to figure out the harm in having your former site. You didn’t charge to use it, they don’t charge to list. Since there is no money involved, where is the harm? It must be a pride/ego thing. This is like complaining that you listed my website in an easier-to-read phone book FOR FREE.

    From their factsheet:
    Q: Is craigslist a nonprofit?
    A: No, craigslist was incorporated as a for-profit in 1999.

    Q: How does craigslist support its operations?
    A: Ad fees for jobs in 18 cities, brokered NYC apartments, adult and therapeutic services.

    Unhappy? Send them a note:

  19. Good suggestion – I sent craigslist a note, asking them to hire the guy from or at least buy his technology. If they don’t keep up, people will migrate to other places. Other classified sites like and are getting better and better. Marvin.

  20. You need to host it off shore and CraigsList will have a hard time shutting you down. Do some research and you will find away. Good Luck.

  21. Glad to see your HOSTING CLASSIFIEDS! You should provide a brief description of the service offered, fans of could copy and paste to message boards. Maybe get a little gorilla campaign going and drive user away form craig. And I don’t like your new name, a grandma would not understand it. And half your traffic is gonna go to out of habit.

  22. Craiglook was absolutely a great tool for craigslist, I used it almost weekly, and had great luck with it. what can we do to tell craigslist we need a tool like craiglook! Do we the users have any recourse?

  23. I am interested to follow this case, please let me know if there has been litigation, or an injuction? If so, can you supply the case # and court please. I do not agree with the actions of Craigslist. Thank you.

  24. I just discovered Craiglook has been removed. Wow, that really does suck! Another power junkie ruins things for everyone. But thank you eyeforia and everyone else who helped to make this site possible.

  25. We suggest that you do not comply. Let them try to back up their empty threats. They won’t because they can’t. Just add the RSS feeds back in and let them deal with it. Search tempest is still running and so are others.. it was a bluff – I say that claz should call it.

  26. craigshelper was also shut down. They now go though google and are called
    Can craigslook do he same? I liked craigslook better because it had thumbnail pictures.

  27. that’s so silly! I LOVED craiglook– it was so easy to see the pics, and you could easily increase your distance that you wanted to look for items (instead of craigslist going to different cities to look)….UGH!!! I want it back!! It only helped craigslist be more effective…why would they want it shut down…

  28. What a shame. I used craiglook to find ‘hard-to-find’ parts for my jeep… I’d have never found the ‘unused/new’ frame in Wisconsin if it hadn’t been for craiglook. I can only dig through so many different individual cities/states at a time….craiglook did it for me and routed me back to the craigslist add I needed.

    The least they could have done was made you an offer and added the functionality to their site!

  29. Is there a CEO or COO at craigslist we could write
    Do You have a snail maill address ?

    I loved it found stuff all over USA and boughtandhad it shipped to me

    found stuff with craigslook I couldn’t find with any other search engine !


  30. Geeze. It’s too lame. There is no question that Craiglook added value to Craigslist listings. Since Ebay came in, Craigs has gone corporate. BS. Hope something better comes along.

  31. This is a tragedy !!! made life so simple searching multiple areas. and I also used it to kill spammers postings. It showed quickly same listing multiple locations. After determine that the post was scam – reported it to remove postings

  32. I’m currently developing code for this same type of site,it will be hosted offshore and owned by a foreign company,will keep you all posted. It will also capture ebay and amazon data for cross searching as well.

    1. With all due Respect to the creator & supporters of this site, that’s an awesome idea! I just reread the comments to see if there were any updates and found this…
      I loved Craiglook & used it everyday, sometimes several times a day, to scan CL for stuff I wanted or needed. I own a fairly rare 1 of 1321 ’84 Recaro Edition T/A. Specific Recaro parts are not easy to come by. Found a lot of things via Craiglook into CL sites… This makes ZERO cents… I also used it to hunt for numerous other hard to find bits for various tools, equipment, & pretty much anything I need… But the SOB’s at Feepay & CL had to ruin a Win-Win-Win situation… Feepay and their screwed up PalPay, rip off every small-timer in fees, then bought into CL to limit it’s useability… Uhg! I shut down my PalPay after having my credit # compromised 2x in a 3 year period. Credit Card Co. , surprisingly, has treated me far better than They did.

  33. I`m an old guy & this was nearly like one of my family dying!! Closing down this webesite (craigslistlook) unspeakable ,,they have no re-guard for the public what so ever..Mite as well help ebay in trying to close everything that says craigslit down!!!!

  34. I will not use craigslist until this is resolved and I ‘ve spent alot of money and referred craiglook to anyone that would listen hopefully after they or craig realizes his site is tanking he’ll come to his senses.

  35. I hope Craigs List changes their mind. As of no I no longer go to their site to buy or sell. It is way to hard to search for what you want

  36. I do not understadn there is a cragislist app for my driod that lets me do what craiglook did and it is allowed to run… CRAZY!!!!

  37. I am going to send a letter to craigslist and say they suck for this decision. Now how the hell am i ever supposed to find this one obscure item that will most likely appear in BFE craigslist when I am nowhere near BFE.

    Your site rocks btw.

  38. I have e-mailed craigslist several times urging them to either hire you or to provide a universal search like craiglook provided. Your product was a great service to the public. Craigslist, however, each time has e-mailed back their standard 2,000 words response listing all the questions and answers one might have about, except for answering my one question of when they would provide a craiglook-type search. I live in rural New Mexico and our craigslist gets between two and 10 tool listings a day. Most of the tools I buy are from El Paso, TX. I am willing to drive to Albuquerque, Tucson or Phoenix to get the right tool at the right price. I am not willing to search a half dozen lists every few hours to get it. Craigslist loses my business.

  39. This is terrible. I’ve pretty much stopped using Craigslist anymore because I can’t easily find what I want. I had a number of specific searches I had saved and it was great that I could expand the radius of the geographic locations easily. You had a terrific and useful site and I already miss using it. Thanks.

  40. Why don’t you just start free classifieds yourself? Once the word is out that you can search the entire Country such as before, then you can hopefully overtake craigs****. The ability to find the item you are looking for is much more beneficial than that item just being “out there somewhere”.
    There has to be a niche somewhere between the excessively expensive Ebay and the nearly impossible to find anything format of craigs****. Whoever can fill that spot will be the next big success story….guaranteed!

  41. I had never used craigslist that much until i ran across your site. I then used to to search for specialty vehicles across the country. It was a great addition to craigslist. Its a shame they did this. I no longer visit craigslist as much.

  42. i don’t have time in my busy schedule to go state by state, city by city which take hours to find what i’m looking for. now i very seldom go to craiglist to search anymore. craiglook was a very important tool that complimented craiglist. they sure know how to ruin a good thing. i guess time is not important to craiglist.

  43. My Craigslist usage has dropped by about 95% since Craiglook was taken down. I live on the border of one of Craigslist’s locked down regions. So in order to search a proper 10-mile radius, I have to perform two identical searches in two separate sub-sites!

    I find Craigslist’s actions shameful! That’s fine if they want to remain archaic in their interface; but to squash progress of another developer bringing quality traffic and happy customers?

    Craigslist happily promoted prostitution and pornography until mandated to cease. But god forbid you improve their technology, they show no mercy. It’s time for Craigslist alternatives to rise up (and collaborate!). Craigslist needs to shrivel and disappear.

    1. AMEN !!!!

      My craigslist usage is way down. It’s just too complicated to see multiple cities when you are trying to find something unique. I hope a new website opens soon.

    2. I have to do the same thing, but for THREE areas. Using the regular CL is a pain in the rear end. Frankly, I don’t intend to use it much for anything anymore, since it is so difficult to work with or find anything on. I miss CraigLook a lot!

  44. I am very disappointed that Craiglook has been shut down. I used it over and over to find what I was looking for. Although I live in a single locality, I liked that Craiglook would search all listings, so I didn’t have to try to guess what category the poster might have picked. For example, if I were looking for supplies for my garden or pets, do I check the general for sale, free listings, farm and garden or pets? So I used Craiglook since it would search all of them for me and save me a bunch of time. Since it diverted me back to Craigslist anyway, why on earth would Craigslist want to shut this down? No offense, but the classifieds it does now show me are not helpful, as the links don’t seem to work. It opens a new tab but churns away forever before indicating it can’t open the link. I’ve tried about a dozen times (never had this problem when it was opening a Craigslist tab) so I’m going to give up and say goodbye to both Craiglook and the new site.

  45. I have a project car that is very hard to find parts for, with craigslook, i could search for my hard to find parts no matter where they where, now i cant! ive tried the alternatives to craiglist and have yet to find a easy one to navigate. im very upset. this is up there with the closing of Napster (the original). please disregard the threats from craigslist and bring back craigslook, maybe add a disclaimer? contact some lewyers get this site back!!

  46. So sorry. I really enjoyed using Craiglook, but don’t like the new Drop me an emai if you get the nads to go back to the way it was.

  47. Here what i would have done since the traffic was high to first find a offshore hosting, set up in a new name with (formerly criaglook), Then set your craiglook domain to direct to that new site. Now if an old searcher type that domain it goes to the same thing but a different name. you need to take advantage of the traffic power to craiglook.

  48. Here is a copy of an email I sent to

    Since in your company’s infinate wisdom you decided to stop, can you simply write some code that will allow the same features of searching that did so well. If you could come up with one good reason that craiglook was a threat, that would be good too. Thanks. I really would like to know what was going through the mind of the person(s) who decided that ending was a good thing.

  49. The great thing about that search was we could find the false adds by the same pic and multiple locations – just mark them as spam and shut them down. Really stinks they went this way.

    1. Mike,
      I do apologize for the late reply. We’ve recently added a fix for this issue.
      Duplicate posts from multiple sites are removed from search results. You still can see them by clicking “show duplicate posts” link at the bottom of search results page.

      Please give it a whirl and let me know if it looks better now.


  50. I also loved the ability to search outside of the box when it came to Craiglist by using As with many others, it enabled me to find what I was searching for across many areas with ease and led me to purchase many of them out of state. If Craigslist hasnt realized that they need a national/regional search function, then they are blind to the fact that the “Users” of Craigslist want more search functionality, or they didnt want to pay for it, and are in the works for developing their own.

    This may be a mute point, but there are other sites simular to Craiglist that do the same thing, for instance BackPage, and I am sure there is many others. Is there any possibility in partnering up with them to add the functionality used in Craiglook to those other sites, then drive the people that are using Craiglist to use those other sites, essentially restoring what was Craiglook but to Craiglist’s competition?

    1. Chris,

      Thank you for the feedback.

      Claz is actively working on partnering with other smaller classifieds sites. We add support for 1-2 new sites weekly, and still have close to 200 sites in our “TODO” list.
      Here’s the list of sites that are currently supported:

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