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What is Craiglook is a useful RSS mashup for Craigslist. Here are some features that help craiglook to make big difference when it comes to searching/browsing craigslist

1. Search radius
Say, I'm an average Joe looking for a car. With craigslist, I go to "", then "" then "", then to "", then to "" and to 10 other adjacent craigslist locations to find what I need.
With all I have to do is to set my location (e.g. Pennsauken, NJ) and define what's my preferred range is, (0, 10, 50, 200 miles or even nationwide) and press the "search" button (yes, I don't mind traveling even 100 miles to get a great car deal).

2. No spam
Craiglook cuts through crappy postings and spam in realtime, keeping only posts which are more likely to be local results (who cares about "nationwide blowout car sales" if I'm looking to deal locally ?)

3. Usability
Picture Previews, brief description, phone number and poster's email – Do I have to explain why it's all a must for a decent classfieds website ?

2 thoughts on “What is Craiglook

  1. I have enjoyed your service. If you get a nationwide system to compete with “them” and charge a dollar for an ad I would use it. Charging for the ad reduces spam and provides a means for blocking and tracking spamers.

    I recommend that you change this page to reflect what you do now. (and remove references to “them”.

    Think about it. Thanks

  2. I stumbbled onto craiglook just before it was shut down. It was one of the most advanced search “engines” I have ever found! PERIOD!! If Craigslist wants you out then I now will just go back to ebay. Your search engine made craigs list the ebay killer! craig list is deficent and defunk. Like they say, If you can’t go with the flo…” there goes craigs lost partner! Most of my friends switched from ebay to craiglook to buy off of craigs list. now craigs list is back to the mondane type and search all day long and get nowheres!! sad sad day.

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