Craiglook 1.06 is out

New version of Craigslist Search engine is out for beta testing

What’s new

  1. Added “sort by date” and “sort by price”
  2. Craiglook now shows number of results matching your search in other nearby cities and other categories
  3. Users can now mark their searches to not display in “Recent Searches” list
  4. “Additional Options” are now remembered and set automatically on next login.
Craiglook 1.06 is out !
Craiglook 1.06 is out !
  1. Fixed Pipes for New York, DC and many other areas which were showing irrelevant results (thanks to Craigslist readers !)
  2. Removed annoying “Add this” popups. Users now have to click the link to bookmark/save results.
  3. More relevant search (e.g. searching for “box” now brings “boxes” etc…)
  4. Added fancy error pages (instead of standard Apache error pages)

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